Today, the brands we choose become a part of who we are. When someone accepts a brand as a part of their identity, they scrutinise its every aspect to make sure it’s a good fit. Therefore a company’s brand identity is more important than ever and it is essential that it represents who they are and what they do.

The importance of creating a brand that is truly representative cannot be overstated. Luckily, we’re experts. Through close collaboration with our clients, we discover what sits at the core of their business, distil their character and purpose, identify their audience, and from that seed we cultivate their brand identity. Only in this way can a brand be authentic.

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Brands are not just the goods or services that a company sells. A brand can stir the soul. This bestows a responsibility on organisations to live up to their brands and as such, a properly constructed brand identity must be applied consistently and inform every action. It’s a de-facto mission statement, the lens through which every decision must be seen, and in order to operate in this way, it must be embraced by everyone within an organisation. This can only be achieved through careful, collaborative development and the creation of a brand that exemplifies what’s at the company’s heart.

Nor is a brand just a logo. Yes, the logo is important, but it’s actually a marker of all the work that has gone into developing a sophisticated, functional, and authentic identity. Our creative team assesses all of the consultation, collaboration, relationship-building and detective work that has gone into establishing an accurate sense of who the client is and who they want to be—within the broader sense of the industry in which they operate and their competitors—to create a visual language to communicate with its staff and its audience.

An organisation’s marketing strategy must be dictated by its brand. What might have been best-placed on Facebook yesterday may well be more effective on Instagram today, and an improperly placed ad can come off as an intrusion. As will any content that feels empty or false. A well-constructed brand identity defines its audience and imbues all of its content with meaning, paving the way for an enriching experience for a soon-to-be customer.

We spend a lot of time thinking about branding. The world is changing quickly and businesses are learning to adapt. As your industry changes and your company with it, you may ask yourself if your brand does for you all that it could, or should. A well-developed brand, strategically marketed, could be what your business needs to propel it into the new world.

Part of our brand is good branding. We understand that a brand must epitomise what an organisation is, and dictate how it acts. Our brand centres around collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving. We’re proud of our track record of success with renowned brands who have placed their trust in us because our brand is solid, and that is reflected in our portfolio.

Sometimes a company is in need of a brand refresh to re-establish its principals and reinvigorate staff belief, or maybe a complete rebrand is in order to launch into a different market, or to redefine vision and values in a changing environment. We understand that branding should be a constant evolution, that internal and external influences and attitudes must be considered so that a brand can be and remain authentic.

If your brand doesn’t represent who you are and where you want to be, get in touch.