We spent a lot of time with Victrex to really get to know them, and discovered the rich history of this amazing product and innovative company stretching back over forty years. PEEK, is a truly remarkable invention; a plastic polymer with unique properties that make it essential in the aerospace, automotive, electronic, energy, industrial and medical industries.

To begin to tell that story, we deconstructed the Victrex logo and expanded it into a triangular visual theme that carries through the whole visitor experience, incorporated into every aspect of the showroom. In order to really engage the visitor, we included various interactive stations around the space, utilizing touch screens and augmented reality, and developed lots of hands-on, tactile experiences to give the visitor a real feel for the company and the products.

Our mission was to develop a space that reflected the product; innovative, with new and interesting applications. This space is also used for customer presentations, with the focal point being the floor-to-ceiling projector screen in the centre of the room, that rolls back to reveal Victrex’s real focus; the staff working on the line making PEEK.

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